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Independent living is one of the best types of senior communities where a resident is given the freedom of independence, in this case, to live the way they want with others of the same age. They can do this all the while enjoying family and the lifestyle offered by the community, which often means an abundance of amenities, social events, fine dining, and travel opportunities.

However, before you decide on an independent living community as your new home, there are a couple of things you should know before moving forward. In this article, we’ll go over what you can expect at an independent living community for seniors so that you know if this is the best choice for yourself or a loved one.


What is Life Like in Independent Living?

Independent living is often referred to as a retirement home, retirement community, or senior living, all used to describe the same thing. However, independent and assisted living are two very different things.

Independent living for seniors is, for all intents and purposes, a home within an independent living community where a resident can live an independent life but in a well-planned social residential setting. They can enjoy amenities and engage with others in the community as they enjoy the lifestyle provided, including private accommodations, which can either be independent or private villas or apartments.

Independent living communities in Peoria Illinois offer various optional amenities and services to make life for a resident easier than living alone. These facilities will include housekeeping, mail preparation, and maintenance, among others so that seniors don’t have to worry about these things. Many, if not all, senior living communities also encourage what’s called healthy aging, which is a fancy name for helping seniors engage in physical activities, like fitness classes, cultural opportunities, travel, and various educational opportunities. Plus, they (seniors) are free to live their life with friends who may become like family.

It is worth mentioning that independent living or a senior home is unlike the stereotypical image of a nursing home. The facilities provide award-winning programming and excellent dining options that help engage seniors that are unlike anything else. Having options like living independently or choosing senior care with more help like assisted living allows seniors to evaluate the services and pricing that fits best with their senior care plan.


Senior Care & Senior Community Benefits

Seniors today can expect nothing short of the best at independent living facilities, which have been working to exceed expectations. Today, with all of the amenities available, their villas or apartments feel more like they are located in resorts than a senior living community because of the laundry list of optional activities they can engage in, which would otherwise not be possible.

Plus, the independent living community you consider may also have an assisted living component, so residents can easily be transferred for additional care if needed without needing to move physically to a new location or maybe to a new community. In other words, residents can stay where they enjoy living, eliminating the stress associated with moving.


Benefits of senior living communities include:


Senior Socialization & Activities:

Activities lower the risk of social isolation much better than some other senior living options.  These interactions call also include visiting family members, making it feel much more like home.


Less Maintenance:

Not needing to engage in chores like home maintenance, housekeeping, and dealing with the stresses of owning or renting a home.



An independent living community is all-inclusive, meaning residents don’t have to track utility bills or be penalized with late fees which is another reason why these senior living solutions can ensure a stress-free living environment.


Health Amenities:

There are numerous amenities and services they can choose to engage in to remain healthy. This may even include a health center on site.  However, if you have Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other medical issues you may need to seek a community or care home with memory care or skilled nursing care.


Safety & Security:

Safety and security are paramount at these facilities, which is why they and their families know they are safe.


Independent & Assisted Hobbies:

Opportunities to find new interests, and hobbies and also travel the world.


On-Call Assistance:

Assistance is available when and if needed.


Meals & Dining:

They have access to delicious and nutritious meals professionally cooked to the highest hygiene standards. Eat peacefully on your own, or enjoy friends and family as you dine together.

If seniors require assisted living services but don’t want to make the move from their independent living community, they also have the option to hire in-home caregivers who offer excellent home care services. However, there is only a community or two that allow this for now. The upside to this approach is that it will enable residents to stay longer in independent living facilities. At the same time, they continue to take advantage of the care services provided to them.

According to most experts, making an independent living facility your new home is smart, both mentally and physically. It may also be a good choice financially.


What Services Should Be Offered?

Every community is unique, and so are the services they offer. However, every good community should offer a couple of services. These services include:

Independent Social Events –

Time flies when you are with other people and share common interests with them. All good communities have fun activities and events, allowing seniors to make friends and learn new skills and challenge themselves.  Whether going to the library together or participating in games, a resident. should have numerous opportunities to be engaged and entertained

Senior Dining Services –

Many good independent living services also provide dining services. This means that seniors don’t need to wash dishes or cook food. Top facilities employ chefs with years of experience in the Culinary Arts. So, the food is tasty as it is nutritious.

Transportation –

Seniors are provided with scheduled transportation. The transportation facility is available for seniors who want to visit the doctor, the post office, or maybe go on a shopping spree. The facility is also available for seniors who want to go for an afternoon excursion. Some facilities may also include memory care.

We Make Choosing Your Retirement Community & Lifestyle Easy

The right independent living facility can help you enjoy every day of your golden years. You have the freedom to socialize, learn a new skill, and even enjoy playing the sport you have always loved. That’s why it is essential for you and your family to take the time out to find and choose the right independent living Peoria, IL.

We strongly advise that seniors and their families undertake thorough research to understand all senior housing options before choosing a senior care facility.

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