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Memory Care is a special type of senior long-term care mainly geared towards people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Often adults who need a high level of care, much more than what is offered at an assisted living facility, or people who have advanced dementia, are unsafe to live alone at home, which is where memory care facilities come in. A memory care provider offers long-term dementia care in an environment where professionals can ensure that seniors are well taken care of.

Even though nursing homes in Peoria also provide 24/7 skilled care, alzheimer’s or memory care offers a well-structured, safe environment that protects residents who may often find themselves wandering. Usually, residents of a memory care facility are free of significant health issues, aside from their dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, but because of it, they can’t live at home alone.


How Peoria Memory Care Facilities are Different From Assisted Living Care

Even though the care at assisted living facilities have many things in common with memory care communities, there are several key differences between the cost and care provided within the memory care facilities. Some of these differences we noted earlier, but it is good to emphasize the information.

When choosing between the two as you consider options in Peoria, it is worth understanding that memory care services are designed around keeping senior adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease safe. Moreover, these facilities are also meant to help ensure that everyone is provided with everything they need when they need it, like medicines, food, exercise, social activities and other amenities.

Since memory care facilities specialize in caring for the elderly with memory-related issues, very little is left up to the senior to decide, unlike other senior living community types. The memory care facilities and their staff will structure a senior’s day so that they get adequate exercise and the right nutrition and medication are administered on time.

As you consider reviewing care options in Peoria, it is worth keeping in mind that memory care facilities can’t treat a senior with these problems. However, they provide a warm and inviting community where they can live a safe and healthy life.


How Is Senior Living At Memory Care Facilities in Peoria?

Many people may be devastated when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and for a good reason. Alzheimer’s disease often means that a person may no longer be able to live in the home that they grew up in or grew old in and now need a special care center. While there are many ways to make the existing home safer for someone with Alzheimer’s, all of that can cost a pretty penny and is not a viable investment for long-term senior living.

Memory care communities often provide a controlled environment similar to living at home but different with all the protections in place. The environment unlike regular senior living communities is designed to meet the needs of people who have dementia.

The center is designed with amenities including enclosed courtyards, memory stations, contrasting colors, and circular hallways and comes complete with butler-style dining options. These measures ensure that everyone is safe, happy, and always in a familiar setting.

All aspects of the alzheimer’s and memory care community are designed to help and encourage each person to engage and interact with each other along with other memory care programs. The facility may host activities tailored to every resident’s passion. Residents are also encouraged to play a role in the neighborhood. Often this may be in the form of daily chores like watering the plants, feeding the birds, or something else. Some residents may be tasked with setting the tables for upcoming meals or choosing music that will be played during dinner. Other tasks may include folding laundry, sweeping up, and delivering refreshments. All of this is meant to ensure that residents feel at home and continue to play a meaningful role in the community.


View Dementia Care Cost in Peoria

In all fairness, Peoria Illinois memory care facilities are not cheap, and for a good reason. The average monthly rent is around $7000, but these costs will vary depending on your location and the amenities provided. Through detailed information review we know that $7k is pretty much the national average. It is very important to do in-depth research on all financial aspects including pricing for each room and activity.

The more premium communities will be more expensive. Furthermore, memory care costs vary quite a bit. We strongly suggest that you explore all senior living options around you before deciding on the one you think is right for your family member.


Peoria IL Care Facility Covers More Than Treatment

Now while that figure may seem high at first glance, it is essential to dissect the information around the cost of memory care. If you do, you’ll see that it encompasses living expenses, which are often separately paid, like utilities, rent, home maintenance, meals, and transport. Plus, compared to a nursing home, it is, on average, $3,000 a month less expensive and far cheaper than the average $17,000 a month cost of a 24/7 live-in aide.


Memory Care Communities in Peoria IL

When considering the cost of care in Peoria, you would also want to factor in the person-centered care seniors receive at the center. A quality community with experts will often take a personalized approach to care for seniors with dementia. This personalized care considers their past experiences, preferences, care needs, and abilities.


Peoria Illinois Memory Alzheimer & Dementia Care Staff

The staff at a memory care center will also forge a relationship with resident seniors and their families to ensure that they have a holistic understanding of the person to ensure they get the correct type of care. The approach allows for a customized dementia care plan to meet each person’s needs, which in most cases tend to increase since it is a progressive decline in the person’s mental abilities. So, Peoria seniors need more care with each passing year.


Assisting a Loved One with a Care Center Choice in the Peoria Illinois Area

Your choice of a memory care facility Peoria IL will depend on your budget and what type of facility you think will suit your senior family member the best. With your understanding of the information above, we strongly advise visiting each facility and reviewing amenities the care facility offers before deciding on the right one for them. Read their online reviews to understand how others view their services.  Also, make it a point to speak with the staff and residents to get an idea of their experience including how well they are cared for and if they are happy. In addition to pricing info, consider the feel of the place, since that plays a major role in a resident’s ability to be happy.

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