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What is Easy Retirement Living Guide

A nonbiased, all-encompassing guide of all the retirement living facilities in a geographical area.  Regardless of income levels, or mobility requirements, you can research all of the area living communities and all that they have to offer potential residents.


Why was this directory created?

In researching for a retirement home for a family member, it became apparent to us that there was a need for a better and more complete resource.  A resource that didn’t collect your personal information to sell to the sales team.  This guide offers all the information needed but doesn’t require your contact information.


How are we different?

Most websites are funded by the retirement communities that agree to give the third-party salesperson a commission equal to the first month’s rent.  But not all facilities agree to these rules and therefore aren’t offered on the other websites as an option.   In essence, they send people to the sites that agree to pay them rather than the retirement community that might be better for the senior.  This is why your contact information is required to receive information on our competitors’ websites.

Easy Retirement Living Guide is better because we don’t benefit by guiding seniors to a particular community.  On this site, we list all communities FREE of charge and then we sell advertising to companies and we upcharge communities if they desire more awareness.


How does this site work:

Simply put your zip code in the search and a list of communities near you will show up.  From there you can research the amenities of each community.  You then contact them for an appointment for a tour.  No tricks or pressure, simply work and research at your own pace.


Can Easy Retirement Living Guide be trusted?

We’re a local company that’s been in the publishing business for 25 years. We’ve worked with the retirement communities and seniors throughout that time in both health and senior focused community magazines.


Why advertise with us?

Unlike most websites, we’re going to bring awareness to seniors about this site with a direct mail campaign.  This direct mail publication will be full of information to bring awareness to the seniors or their loved ones.  Articles will be written to inform and dismiss inaccurate information.  We believe this website will be viewed as trustworthy and easy to use regardless of age.