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Most people reading this are probably at a point in their lives when there are actively exploring senior living communities in Peoria, Illinois. However, you may also be searching for a facility best suited to your loved one’s needs. While it can be challenging, choosing the right one can often be even more difficult, especially with so many opportunities to consider and the fancy terms being thrown around by their staff.

So, the question is: where do you start looking for retirement communities? In our attempt to make the process easier for everyone, we’ve identified what most people will want to look for in a senior living community. This will ensure you find the right place to spend the rest of your life – while maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle with the activities you enjoy most.


Senior Friendly Apartments & Amenities For Independent Living

You should be able to find senior living in Peoria which may resemble an apartment, but it is more than that. In fact, it is a lovely community and is precisely as it would be if you were living alone. The villas are spacious, beautiful and are designed to meet the challenges of resident life you might start facing as you become older. Some of these may be run by a not for profit organization.

It is estimated that a senior falls just about every second of every day in the United States alone. That’s why you’d want to find exceptional senior independent living facilities with apartments that reduce the risk of this type of accident. It is up to you to find a community that provides a safe and beautiful apartment with the following features:

  • Floors need to be smooth; there should be step-in showers with grab bars in the bathroom and toilet
  • You will also want to find a place with lots of natural light. Sure, there should be outdoor space, but the windows should let in natural light, making the apartment airy, and the extra light will help you see more clearly. This is especially important for people with vision problems.
  • Check the apartment to ensure it is accessible by a mobility device, like a walker or cane. This is important even if your loved one does not use one currently. Fortunately, most independent living communities have easy assess.
  • The kitchenette should have cabinets and drawers which you or your loved ones can easily reach.

It is incredible how much these small observations can help narrow down your choice of community. However, you might also want to opt for a facility with memory care if the senior is dealing with dementia.


Senior Living Community Dining Should Serve Nutritious Yet Delicious Food

The best thing about living in a senior living facility, or community as it is called, is not having to perform chores and working on preparing three meals a day. Doctors have been stating for decades that poor nutrition in seniors often leads to many health issues, from a weak immune system to a higher risk of hospitalization.

The independent and assisted living community you choose should offer a high-quality dining program, complete with a social dining room that will also serve as a social hub. You will want to check out the menu and go through each meal to ensure it is diverse and comforting as much as it is nutritious. You will also want to observe how residents interact with each other and dining team members during lunch or dinner time.

Some senior housing options may also include a private dining room. However, retirement living shouldn’t have to be secluded and should continually provide an opportunity for interaction.


Highly Engaging Programs, Social Events & Activities With Friends

Isolation for seniors can pose various risks from increased odds of dementia to stroke. Most of all, the isolation can weaken their immune system. Peer support and programs can be a vital part of healthy aging, but this type of support is hard to receive when living at home alone which is why a good continuing care retirement community is so important.

Senior living facilities are designed to make forging new connections easier. Neighbors a few feet away, a community recreation center, or friends across the dining room table, so there is always someone they can have a conversation with or share their experience. Plus there is medication management when the need arises.

A high-quality senior living community will offer residents various opportunities to connect with everyone around them, be creative and learn new things. But you will want to find a senior living facility with an active event calendar packed with live concerts, trips, and workshops.


Personalized Retirement Care

Care is best when it’s personalized to an individual’s needs so, you will want to find a community that provides care assistance. Ideally, and regardless of size, the senior living community should provide around-the-clock care, with caregivers and skilled nursing staff on hand to assist with medication hygiene tasks and housekeeping.

Alternatively, you might also want to consider a community that varies care based on the individual’s needs. The goal of the community should be to preserve independence by providing the right mixture of support and assistance instead of just assisting the person with daily tasks.

The community should effectively communicate with the resident’s family members and their physicians to develop a comprehensive plan that is then reviewed and adapted. Senior living communities that actively involve family members like kids and others in their care plans are capable of providing customized care to their residents. So, in addition to community amenities, these personal services are also worth looking into.


The Facility Should Have Happy Residents

Perhaps the best way to tell if a senior living facility is a good fit or delivers on what they promise is if they have happy residents. You will want to visit the facility and check out the health of the residents, see if they are happy, and have friends around them. This should help you determine if the facility best suits your loved one.


Flexible & Convenient Transportation

It is important to discuss what transportation options are available at the communities or facilities you may be considering.  While many seniors are still capable of driving on their own, the quality and distance of parking should certainly be a consideration.  Further, for those that are unable to drive, or simply enjoy the convenience of having a driver, having a shuttle or bus service that can accommodate a wheelchair, scooter or walker is a big plus.  While many communities continually create opportunities for senior outings, it is always nice to be able to get out on your own terms as well.


Peoria’s Senior Living Lifestyle Options

We know that finding senior living that’s right for your loved one can be challenging. However, with some research, it is possible to find one that can continuously meet their needs. Most of all, you don’t have to go at this alone; involve others in the process, so the final decision is also a group decision. Visit as many assisted living and care services to determine which one offers the best supportive living before making a decision.

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